The vehicle shunting tractor MMT-2 on the basis of tractor HTA-220

107 hp
and autonomous
cabin heater

The main use of the vehicle is a replacement of the middle class locomotives operated on large enterprises with well-developed railway paths on their own territory. Most of shunting locomotives are used for the formation and movement of small compounds 2-3, a maximum of 10 machines. Almost all the exploited today shunting locomotives were released many years ago and have already exhausted their resources, resulting in costly for routine maintenance, and the cost of the purchase or lease of a new shunting locomotive disproportionate to the value of the vehicle, the more that in operation the vehicle is much more economical locomotive.

The vehicle (shunting tractor, locomobile) arrives quickly and reliably to their destination and always by the shortest way having a combined course (neumowheels + railway rollers). It needs only a small 5-meter section of the railway crossing for statement of the vehicle on the rails, and given the fact that the vehicle equipped with video cameras facilitating statement of the guide rollers on the rails, the driver will require no more than three minutes for this purpose.

Vehicle with a body weight of 10-12 tons and engine power of 180 HP develops traction efforts as a shunting locomotive of the middle class thanks to high coefficient of friction of rubber about steel, and it is three times higher, than steel on steel. Equipping the vehicle compressor unit and braking system allows you to easily cope with heavy shunting work. The vehicle pulls on the railroad tracks with zero bias up to 850 tons trailer weight (up to 10 fully loaded machines).

The use of the vehicle allows you to save up to 70% of energy costs compared with the use of a shunting locomotive with a capacity of 1200 hp due to the low fuel consumption (7-8 l/h).