Universal railway machine UPM-1M (basic tractor T-158 or HTA-220-1)

107 hp
and autonomous
cabin heater

For companies that perform repair and overhaul of railway tracks, as well as to serve their own railway sidings our plant produces new the basic tractors UPM-1M (Universal railway machine), makes recovery and capital repairs of tractors intended for installation of hinged blocks, their delivery to a place of works and also for working movement and management of the working processes which are carried out by blocks.

Also our plant produces new hinged blocks to the complex UPM-1M (block VPA, the block of cleaning of a railway, block RSHS, the block of change sleepers) which are designed for mechanization of all preparatory, main and finishing works at not frozen together ballast and temperature of air from -10 °C to +40 °C and also makes capital repairs of hinged blocks.