Railway repair machine with impact block PRM-5P

107 hp
and autonomous
cabin heater

Railway repair machine PRM-5P is used for lifting and straightening works, tamping sleepers and railroad switches.

Machine is equipped by a wide range of tamping units with 2, 4 or 8 tampers.

Wheelsets are installed on the machine in the base version with wheel diameter 500 mm, 4-speed transmission, hydrocod for movement in an operating mode to 5 km/h, a modern hydraulic systems of the leading European manufacturers (Italy), power generator to power the electric tools 10 kW (Italy). PRM-5P has a large comfortable cabin with the possibility of transportation of 4 railwaymen, proportional hydrodistributors with joysticks for management of working body (impact block), conditioner powered by 12V compressor which is installed on the engine and autonomous diesel heater. PRM-5P is available with an engine D-245 with power 60, 80, 100 kW water-cooled