Railway repair machine PRM-5

107 hp
and autonomous
cabin heater

Railway repair machine PRM-5 is designed for lifting and straightening of the railroad in the repair or maintenance of industrial plants.

Lifting and straightening hydraulic mechanism, with four grips for rails (gripping is made for the rail head) is based on the ballast by means of two hydraulic jacks and designed for lifting and shifting of the way.

Wheelsets are installed on the machine in the base version with wheel diameter 500 mm, 4-speed transmission, a modern hydraulic systems of the leading European manufacturers, power generator to power the electric tools 10 kW (Italy).

Standard equipment machines PRM-5 has a large comfortable cabin with the possibility of transportation of 4 railwaymen, air conditioner powered by 12V compressor is installed on the engine and autonomous diesel heater. PRM-5 has a wide range of engines 44 kW air-cooled and 60, 80, 100 kW water-cooled.